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The United Communities AmeriCorps Program

The United Communities AmeriCorps (UCA) program is a regionally-based, individual placement model AmeriCorps program. It is administered by and housed at United Community Action Network (UCAN). This year, Battered Persons’ Advocacy will host a full time AmeriCorps member to provide direct service to survivors and their children who have been effected by family violence, sexual assault or stalking. Members serve the majority of their term at their placement sites. However, members do convene regularly for AmeriCorps/UCA trainings, meetings and other activities. Benefits of service include a monthly living stipend, AmeriCorps education award, basic healthcare coverage (for members serving full-time only), loan forbearance (on qualified, federally-backed student loans) and childcare assistance (for full-time members if total family income is eligible).

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It is impossible to completely clear the “footprints” showing where you have been looking online.  If you are in danger, please try to use a safer computer that someone abusive does not have access to.

Read more about how to stay safe online on our “privacy and safety considerations page”. 

24 Hour Crisis Line 541-673-7867 or Toll Free 800-464-6543