Emergency Shelter

We work each day to educate our community on the ways that interpersonal violence impacts us all.

Each year, BPA provides over 4,000 shelter nights to families fleeing domestic violence & sexual assault.

In 2010:

  • 107 Women Sheltered
  • 93 Children Sheltered
  • 7326 Meals Served
  • 2491 Case Management Hours to shelter clients
  • 100% Shelter residents left with a safety plan

Shelter Residents

  • 54% shelter residents are adults over 18
  • 81% of those were 25-59 years old
  • 46% of shelter residents are children under 18
  • 88% of events were perpetrated by an intimate or formerly intimate partner
  • 18% identified as having a disability
  • 90+% identified as having more than one type of victimization
Our emergency shelter has been a core program since 1978.  The typical stay for people living in shelter is a month, sometimes much less, sometimes more.  The shelter is a safe place that provides support and information about where to go next.  We also have a small animal shelter at the facility so you can bring your animals.
The shelter is at a confidential location.  If you need shelter, please call our crisis line or stop by our public office (1202 SE Douglas, Roseburg) to talk about housing options.

Everyone deserves peace at home.