Battered Persons Advocacy

Poverty and Domestic Violence

Not all victims and survivors of intimate partner violence are living in poverty but many do.   Economic pressure when there is already violence in the home makes it worse-but not having a job or living in poverty does not CAUSE domestic violence/intimate partner violence.

The picture of women, domestic violence & poverty:

  • Majority of people living in poverty are women
  • Rates of poverty higher for women than men. Gender gap wider in U.S. than anywhere in the Western World
  • 90% adult victims of DV are women
  • 1 in 4 women experience IPV/DV in their lifetime
  • 1 in 8 adult women experienced physical violence at hands of intimate partner in last 12 months in Oregon.
  • 50% of batterers also batter their children.
  • 100% of children living in homes where DV is present have psychological impact.

Effects of Poverty/Poor Economy on DV and DV Victims

  • Approx 80% of people requesting assistance from DHS Self Sufficiency list history of DV
  • 200%+ increase in request for services @ BPA since 2002
  • Significant spike in requests last quarter 08/first 09

Poverty is aggravating factor in dynamics of DV

  • Increased lethality
  • Increased complexity
  • Reduced options & Resources
  • Reduced civil options
  • Reduced housing/basic need options