Battered Persons Advocacy

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Domestic Violence Awareness Month presents an opportunity to engage our communities in a more complex understanding of abuse.

We know it isn’t enough to remind people that domestic violence is a problem. Many will externalize that message and read it as ‘a problem that doesn’t apply to me.’ Additionally, myths persist that domestic violence is only or primarily physical, and that ‘it could never happen to me or someone I know.’ There’s a reason for that—obscuring “subtler” forms of abuse is part of the violence.

This year, we’re focusing on the message “love shouldn’t hurt.” We aim to deepen awareness by helping people identify violent behaviors that may be happening around them—particularly those that are routinely normalized, such as insults or threats. We must increase awareness of what domestic violence looks like. Together we can build an understanding of domestic violence that folks apply meaningfully in their own lives.

Throughout the month, programs throughout the state will be organizing events to raise awareness around the issue of domestic violence. See  announcements for DVAM events from across the state on their Calendar of Events. If you are interested in stopping domestic violence in your community, we highly encourage attending!

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