Battered Persons Advocacy

Emergency Shelter

Each year, BPA provides over 4,000 shelter nights to families fleeing domestic violence & sexual assault.

In 2010:

  • 107 Women Sheltered
  • 93 Children Sheltered
  • 7326 Meals Served
  • 2491 Case Management Hours to shelter clients
  • 100% Shelter residents left with a safety plan

Shelter Residents

  • 54% shelter residents are adults over 18
  • 81% of those were 25-59 years old
  • 46% of shelter residents are children under 18
  • 88% of events were perpetrated by an intimate or formerly intimate partner
  • 18% identified as having a disability
  • 90+% identified as having more than one type of victimization
Our emergency shelter has been a core program since 1978.  The typical stay for people living in shelter is a month, sometimes much less, sometimes more.  The shelter is a safe place that provides support and information about where to go next.  We also have a small animal shelter at the facility so you can bring your animals.
The shelter is at a confidential location.  If you need shelter, please call our crisis line or stop by our public office (1202 SE Douglas, Roseburg) to talk about housing options.