Battered Persons Advocacy

Legal Advocacy

Our advocates are not legal counselors or attorneys, therefore we  are NOT able to give legal advice.  However, we can support you emotionally through the process and help explain what is happening and what your options may be.

Restraining Orders are heard by a judge, at the Douglas County Courthouse  Monday through Friday (except holidays). People who want to file for a restraining order need to arrive at the courthouse at 7:30 am at the courthouse cafeteria.   A BPA advocate will be available there to answer questions, explain the process, and provide forms.

If you are interested in a Stalking Order, please contact a Legal Advocate to discuss options and the process.

If you would like to speak to a BPA Legal Advocate, please stop by the public office (1202 SE Douglas) or call our crisis line (541-673-7867).