Battered Persons Advocacy

Winter 2014 Newsletter

The cover art for winter newsletterLetter from the Director

Dear Friends,

BPA is saving to purchase of a van and needs your help. Advocates provide crisis-related transportation services for survivors of family violence and sexual assault. Transportations
for survivors may include accessing shelter, the police station, the courthouse, and the hospital. While clients are in shelter receiving case management services advocates also
provide transportation to obtain and start jobs, find permanent safe housing, enrolling children in school, and attend counseling and medical appointments.

The van will allow us to continue scheduled transports, approx. 3-5 times per day for clients residing in shelter and respond to individuals in crisis all over Douglas County,
from Reedsport to Canyonville. Access to a car is a major factor in being able to obtain and sustain employment, in caring for children, and important in being able to
maintain independence and safety. This is certainly true in rural areas, where limited public transit services make it impossible for women trying to gain access to domestic
violence service providers or the legal system.

BPA continues to meet the overwhelming demand for services to empower survivors to make safe choices and receive support services and you can help by making
a financial contribution. In 2013, we responded to over 3,400 crisis calls and 860 crisis interventions, with 174 women and 107 children staying in the shelter. This
immediate service is invaluable for many survivors. Some would not be able to get to safety without this type of assistance. While this type of service is critical in the
short-term, creating a transportation program that will assist survivors to achieve longterm independence and ongoing safety is essential as well.

Melanie Prummer, Executive Director

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